Monday, May 27, 2019

Time to Win

I had to make a decision
continue living a safe life 
or jump out on faith and live life on my terms
No!! Its not easy but anything worth having doesn't come easy right?
The way I see it 
its either sink or swim one way or the other
I have to live out my passions
Make a way where there is none 
Ive done it before so I can do it again 
Whether its helping people, creating music, writing
Whatever it is that makes my soul sing I must do
I know one thing, I came too far to turn back now so 
up another level I go
against the odds I design a life that fits me
My lifestyle may fluctuate from time to time 
but 1 thing always remains on my mind
Its time to WIN!!
If you feel like I feel Lets Work!!
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