Tuesday, January 15, 2019


I cry inside sometimes outside
I try to keep the tears from falling out my eyes
No one is supposed to live this way
Unsure about going, do I really want to stay
I pray the creator hears my cry
please help me realize and comprehend
all the blessings and messages you send me
from time to time 
My sight gets blurry then by faith is how I get by
all that I have all that I know you taught me 
any hour of the day in bits and pieces
you reveal to me the truths of the earth
which is so, as it has always been
and shall be in the end 
forever I will walk with thee until 
I fulfill my destiny respectfully
As your child I walk the narrow side
knowing that the pain I feel will soon subside
You are and forever will be the only
source by which I'll live until its my time
I have so much more to accomplish here
yet I'm behind in time 
Father of all the only help I know, help me to do your will
it is written the purpose for each man unfolds
within naturally like the flow of the wind
Caught up in the world wind of life
only causes you strife did you know
a breakdown could ruin your mind
so much value put on things that mean nothing when you die

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Journey

Holistically speaking 
I was shattered in pieces 
Took the time to put each piece of me in place 
with reinforcements sealing
the whole in, 
to create from each part that was reshaped 
Recognizing all distractions are part of the game 
to stay focused on task is really the main mind frame
to obtain
I can explain those things not yet spoken upon 
for it was placed in me the understanding of many mysteries
Im unfolding in sections
be patient in grasping these lessons...
The Journey

My Star

Ooh you remind me
of a love I never had
Ooh honestly 
they already mad
talking about you bad
in a argument me and dem gon have..
Your voice does something to me
don't think we ever met yet you I feel deeply
Like we was winning in a past life, 
or in a past life I was your wife
Im what you been needed but I had to heal to be 
in position for the meaning of our souls being 

Walk with Me

I feel very deeply as I am highly sensitive
Stay focused on positive things cuz negativity
breeds more negativity with no opportunity for gain
Sometimes you lose your way when focused on the wrong things
its not always easy to find your way back on track but its possible..
Walk with me

Monday, October 15, 2018


Here I am
Take me for what I'm worth
Don't ever disrespect me 
or Ill become your curse
Love is love when things go right
Love, it hurts when that snake take a bite
Even though you do what you want to 
you can still remain true
Forever consumed with the light
Forever, Ill be by your side
Tightly bonded by what surrounds us
Since day one you showed me love
in ways of which I've never seen
You are an angel of love
I thank the creator for sending you to me

Thursday, October 4, 2018


My heart overflows with pain each and everyday 
still found within me are the memories that repeat daily
Involuntary insanity it brings me to a point of no speech 
for the words to come would be deadly 
combined with the energy of angry entities I refuse to leak
yet I get weak, suffering attacks to the body every night I sleep
Awoken around three the hour of spiritually defeating the ones against me, call them enemies. 
As a toddler, all through my teens, twenties and 
thirties with no cease
they hunt to devour the chosen bodies for healing many
working in the name of ELOHIM
*This is not a song its a poem inspired by HIM

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Love Fatal

Double four four aiming at your dome
Say something more and its about to be on
I have lived, Father forgive 
my heart dulled my senses and blurred my sight
Passion and pain, I waited in vain
addicted to love but nothing make me feel better
than bullet holes in your sweater
better yet a shot in your retina
you was knee deep in, caught you creeping
Laying six feet deep in
never to be seeing those you was breeding..


Don't you sit down and frown
Its time to get up now
get up, stand up for your rights
Better now than later
later may not be greater
you are not promised another day
If you know like I know
stop laying back and ignoring
the life that's in store, you can start today
Its all up to you to decide
which path you choose in this life
Will you win? Will you lose?
its up to you
Its not a competition, truly not a game 
Survival from the matrix but not without pain


Unlike me to be so afraid 
I find myself fearful of losing again
not knowing what to expect has me on edge..
I need some understanding
don't really know how to be better than I used to be
Was feeling like a failure, no motivation or drive
to make moves or create tunes
My mind couldn't focus on anything 
but heartache and pain to begin with
its very difficult to live like this
Having a mate doesn't always make it better
in fact it hurts more sinking deeper into depression
Without my thoughts being sorted, its needed in order to gain profits
Missing, before I go insane, I cant stay in the same place
the one I desire is always away looking for new games to play
but its me causing misery, 
when I just want my best friend back like it was naturally
its too painful to think someone else will win the heart I love